Attractions in and around Newdegate

Why not stop and have a look at what Newdegate has to offer?

Hainsworth Museum

The Hainsworth Busilding houses the Newdegate Pioneer Museum and is situated on the corner of Mitchell and Collier Streets.

The building was commissioned by Charles Hainsworth, its first owner, and was built by Ted Freeland, originally a ships carpenter, during 1933/34 as a general store and tearooms. The building operated as a General store from 1934 until 1972 and operated with several owners during that period.

The building continues to act as the Newdegate Pioneer Museum and a community facility. It has been restored to represent a store from the 1950's with shelves stocked full of product from this era. There are internals banners that hold memories from local community members helping to paint a picture of what life was like during the 1950's in Newdegate.

Open Thursdays 11:00am-4:00pm

Hainsworth Museum

Newdegate Silos

Newdegate's four towering CBH Silos are the 5th stop on the FORM PUBLIC Silo Trail. The murals by local Perth Artist Brenton See were completed in 13 days in June 2018.

Concentrating on native Western Australian wildlife the first to be painted was the regions western bearded lizard, next the local mallee fowl and then the thigh spotted tree frog and red tailed phascogale. The final mural in the series is an emblematic depiction of the region. It features a droplet shaped form, half-white, half-teal. The white and teal droplet represents both the rain; essential to growth: and the surrounding lake systems which support many insects and animals at different times of the year. In the background are coloured squares illustrating the land, and how it appears from above, green for the bushland areas and brown, orange and red for the red dirt and rocky areas.

NGT SiloThe Newdegate Skatepark

A group of motivated and exceptional local women were behind the fantastic Newdegate Skatepark that opened in June 2018. It has been professionally designed and is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

The concrete skate park has a mini ramp and extension, adventure playground, shade shelters, grass areas, family space, water fountain and a beautiful mural along the side.

Located on the corner of Mitchell and Maley Streets it is open to the public at all times. 


Holland Track

You can follow the traces of John Holland's 1983 epic journey when he and his partners cut the now famous Holland Track once used by gold miners to travel to Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie. Wheel ruts are still visible on the western edge. Along the "Track" explore the salt lakes along the ancient river systems.

Map and information available from the Lake Grace Visitor Centre.

Lake Biddy

Former 1922 townsite with old hall, shop, sports ground and Anglican Church.

Dragon Rock

Lies on the Holland Track, enjoy the natural beauty of this reserve, resplendent in spring wildflowers.

Dickman Rock

The original water catchment for Newdegate it has magnificent views over the surrounding countryside.

Gnamma Rock

A massive granite monolith with numerous "gnamma" waterholes used by the Aborigines. It has unique flora and fauna.

Lake Bryde

When full is a popular water skiing and canoeing venue with bush camping.