About Community Resource Centres and the Association

Community Resource Centres

Formerly known as Telecentres, Community Resource Centres are located in more than 100 communities across Western Australia. The Centres are all incorporated, not-for-profit organisations that are independently owned and operated by the community.

Together, CRCs form the Western Australian Community Resource Network which is supported by the Department of Regional Development and Lands’ Community Development Division.

Funding via the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program allows CRCs to provide greater access to valuable services in their regions and undertake continued community and capacity building activities.

The Association

The Association of West Australian Community Resource Centres (AWACRC) is a representative and supportive body for all CRCs.

The objectives of the AWACRC are to:

  • provide advice and assistance to regional member CRCs
  • provide group or individual representation for all member CRCs
  • facilitate the provision of an ongoing comprehensive communication strategy and systems for our regional member CRCs.
  • promote the value of the regional Western Australia Community Resource Centre Network (WACRN) by consulting with our member CRCs and other stakeholders
  • develop partnerships with other businesses, government and non-government organisations to further promote, support and develop regional CRCs.

For more information visit the Association’s website at www.awacrc.org.au.